Press Release:
Pie 'n' Mash - Heard About Me

Heard about Pie 'n' Mash? You have now...

Pie 'n' Mash released their debut single, 'Heard About Me' on 17th May 2019. It is available to stream/download on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

The three lads from Sussex blues band Pie 'n' Mash have a propensity to lark about - particularly on stage. Bassist and guitarist Andy Ingram is both the butt and the instigator of most of the jokes, while frontman Pete Bond displays impressive skill in playing piano, singing and joining in with Andy's shenanigans all at the same time. All the while drummer Darren Barnes is just trying to make sure they stay in time! This mischief comes through in their music, too, as the boys never take themselves too seriously. Mix that with some tight musicianship and some catchy original songs, and you've got a recipe for success. At least that's the plan!

Before Pie 'n' Mash, the trio toured the UK and Europe as part of 'Buddy Holly and the Cricketers', and even secured a slot on primetime Dutch TV. Their debut single, 'Heard About Me', is a cheeky ska-influenced lament about the struggles of being an up-and-coming musician. The lyric 'In the early evening, you won't find me in the bar/you'll find me in my bedroom, dreaming one day I'll get far' is one that many a local band will relate to. But thankfully Pete sings the answer to your music troubles: 'Nothing's falling for me, so I'll just sit and sing the blues'!

These boys bring together a classic jump blues sound with a modern swing vibe. If Louis Jordan were still alive, he'd be in this band. Instead of Andy.

Heard About Me is out on all major streaming and download platforms.

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