Press Release:
Pete Bond - When You Walk In The Room

Pete Bond: 'In pop music I feel like I've found my home'

Pete Bond's debut single, When You Walk In The Room, is out now. It is available to download and stream on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and most other online music services.

After years of searching, singer/producer Pete Bond says that in pop music he's found his home. The multi-instrumentalist started his career in pantomime, and since then has done anything and everything, from door-knocking for charity to children's entertainment. Having toured the UK and Europe as a session musician, Pete now releases his debut single, When You Walk In The Room.

This twisty, quirky electropop song is 'a little bit of an earworm' (Melita Dennett, BBC). A Latin 'montuno' piano riff infuses the chorus (think 'Havana' by Camila Cabello), whilst the bassline was performed on a retro 80s synth. Pete cites Goldfrapp and Charlie Puth as direct influences on his sound. When You Walk In The Room was performed, recorded and produced by Pete.

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